Five minutes with Highsnobiety

David Fischer - Editor-in-Chief, Highsnobiety and SelectismDavid Fischer, Highsnobiety and Selectism

Clarks UK take five minutes to catch up with the head honcho of Titel Media, David Fischer – Editor-in-Chief and Founder of taste-making sites Highsnobiety and Selectism.

After moving to Berlin some 10 years ago, David has gone from running a small scale fashion blog at university to growing a hugely respected media network of some of the biggest influencers on the scene. We travelled to his office for a chat and a quick ‘kaffee’.

How long have you been running Titel Media now David?
Highsnobiety for 10 years in 2015 and Selectism for 7 years. We are globally a team of 24 staff over five sites who serve trendsetters, early adopters, people that are up to date at all times with the latest and greatest in men’s lifestyle and fashion.

What are the differences between the two media channels? There’s some cross-over for sure?
The Highsnobiety reader is very trendy. He follows trends closely and adapts to the latest trends very early on. The Selectism reader is slightly older and knows exactly what he wants and his likes do not change as much over time. They are trendy, but appreciate longevity, high quality, lasting products. In many cases the Highsnobiety reader eventually becomes a Selectism reader.

What’s in a Selectism wardrobe?
A good pair of raw denim, oxford shirts, some solid cashmere knitwear, lots of premium basics. In terms of footwear he might be wearing a pair of Clarks Originals Desert Boots, Red Wing boots or maybe a pair of Alden shoes on a very regular basis.

How do you see the Clarks Originals Desert Boot within Sneakerhead culture? 

I feel like the Desert Boot is the one pair of shoes that the sneakerhead picks up when he decides to dress up or dress a bit more formal. It’s a perfect bridge between the sneaker and something a little more mature. Solid, timeless and still fashionable.

What’s your favourite item of clothing/footwear?
A well worn in pair of raw jeans.

What does it say of you?
I like to be dressed well, yet comfortable, ready for any occasion.

Describe your perfect weekend.
Wake up around 11. Check my emails, make sure all our sites are running smoothly. Go for a walk in town, do a bit of shopping. Go for a nice healthy lunch. Do some more shopping, meet up with friends for a coffee. Go back home, relax, check the websites again, check email. Go out for dinner with friends, go out for drinks to a nice bar. On Sunday I like to sleep long, have breakfast at home with my wife, and just chill at home, cook dinner, watch a nice movie or go to the cinema.

And on a Monday morning, what’s your commute like?
Berlin is actually still a great city for driving. Traffic is not too bad. I take the car to work.

How important is a story like Clarks Desert Boot and its 65th Anniversary? 

I think it is very important. One of the most iconic boot silhouettes, and so connected with UK culture. Also, I believe the Desert Boot, unlike most others, really speaks to several generations. The 20 year old sneakerhead as a pair in the closet, and the 35 year old architect as well. It is such a timeless shoe, offering it in a more premium version absolutely makes sense to me.


Is film as valuable to you guys and your medium as say photography and words?
A film transports an experience. It gives you a more personal, live view of sorts and therefore I think it is a fantastic medium that will continue to play a very important role in our market.

As strong players in the digital realm, what does Highsnobiety and Selectism do to engage with its audience?
We do so many things to engage with our audience. Through our site we engage daily with them, but mostly at this point through social media. We communicate through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr and other platforms, to make sure that we catch our reader wherever he is active. We attend a ton of seasonal trade shows to interact with industry professionals and readers. From Pitti Uomo, Seek, Bread & Butter, Capsule to other big industry events, it is always a great chance for us to meet everybody in one place.

…And the printed Highsnobiety magazine, is it the same voice, more in depth?
Highsnobiety Magazine brings our digital presence into the real world. We were really overwhelmed by the great feedback from our audience. It is another kind of presence. We take great care when it comes to the choice of paper stock for the magazine and the quality in general. People appreciate that and collect our issues. Also the timelessness of print is really beautiful and a nice change of pace compared to the fast moving online side of our business.

Where can we get it?
The Highsnobiety magazine is available at fashion retail stores and concept stores internationally. As well as select train stations, news outlets and airports around the globe.